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Meet the #9908 Team

#9908 Disc Sports Center Owner

Mark Crosby

Hi, I am Mark. I was born and raised right here in Arvada, Colorado. I attended Campbell Elementary, Oberon Jr High, and Arvada West Senior High School (Go Cats). 
I played my first Frisbee Tournament on August 25th, 1979, took second place, and was immediately addicted to competing. Competed on and off thru the years, winning tournaments in Arvada, Boulder, Kansas City, Missouri, and Louisville, Kentucky. I have always played Frisbee with my parents and Grandpa Crosby since I was very young, we have a lot of family photos throwing in the front yard.
I started roofing at 12 years old at my father’s roofing company, that was my birthday present, a job! I stayed a roofer until 2008. When I was in my 20’s after falling off of way too many roofs, I went into the supply end of roofing. Started as a forklift driver, and moved into inside sales. In the early 90s, I relocated to Amarillo, TX to start a new branch of the supply company I worked for. That’s where I met my children’s, mother Jennifer. We had Brayden in Amarillo and then the twins, Brant and Blythe were born here in Colorado. 
I stayed in the supply end of roofing until the end of 2000. I decided I would start my own roofing company and we did really well. When my father retired from roofing he still did taxes and would tell all the customers who the new roofer in the family was, then we really started rocking. We roofed everything, apartment complexes, shopping center flat roofs, we did it all. GID Resources was your one-call resource to “Get it Done”. Unfortunately that all came crashing down in 2008 when I was a victim of a random act of violence that left me with a severe brain injury. I spent 5 years in every sort of rehab there was, and had to learn to balance/walk again, after spending scary weeks in a wheelchair. Fought back from all of that and after a few abandoned business efforts, I realized where my true love was in Frisbee Sports. While running an insurance supplement business, I started #9908 selling minis. Slowly, I have worked up to what we have today, one shop I am incredibly proud of, 5000 or more discs, 150 or more bags, and an incredible selection of accessories. This Arvada Disc Golf Shop is more of an achievement for me than anyone could ever know. 
Arvada Disc Golf
9908 Disc Golf Store owner


Caden Knittle

Customer relations

Hi my name is Caden, I was born in Boulder, CO and raised in Superior, Colorado. I graduated from Monarch High School in 2018. I was first introduced to Disc Golf at the age of 9. Even though I didn’t start playing until Covid happened back in 2020. I always had a passion to play sports and to keep active. Sports like basketball, football, soccer, wrestling, and going to the gym, or hiking with friends.

Disc Golf on the other hand was and is like an addiction for me. Everything about it, like the courses/views you get to see, places you travel to that you never thought you would, the people you meet, the community as a whole, and my personal favorite being able to see your improvement and knowing every time you play you either feel that or see that improvement. 

Hey there, I am Tom. I am a Colorado Native and have lived in Arvada for the past 40 years. I was first introduced to a frisbee by my Uncle Sam when I was 7 years old and that’s how we spent our time together. Sam went to school at CSU with a Frisbee legend, Bill Wright. That shared love of a toy made its way to me at a young age. I always had a frisbee, I grew up playing conventional sports and skateboarding, but I always had a frisbee of some sort and pulled friends into just playing catch or making up our own games. Never knowing about Disc Golf until about 25 years ago when some friends introduced me to the game at Johnny Roberts Disc Golf Course, in which I coincidentally bought a house 70 paces from the first tee.  I was hooked, it was not hard to be, to say the least… no seriously, just hooked. What an example of being in the right place at the right time. Nights, weekends, multiple rounds a day, I just could not get enough, it became a hobby and then a passion. 

Being on the course so much, you start seeing the same people and find yourself expanding your friend base pretty quickly. Lucky for me, I made some amazing friends. And really when I say I was lucky, I was. I met frisbee icons, learned from them, and absorbed all I could from them regarding the game and what Disc Golf meant as a community, and what Disc Golf could do for a community. Soon after, in my very green Disc Golf career, I found myself as Vice President of Mile High Disc Golf Club, and the Tournament Director of The Johnny Roberts Memorial. Again, I absorbed this, took it all in, and never looked back. Arvada Disc Golf has enriched my life in so many ways, from the people that I spend time with, on the course, running an event with, or hanging at the shop with is what it’s all about and what keeps me throwing discs. It is a frisbee family. 

Mile High Disc Golf instilled in me what it is to give back to the community and a way to give back to the thing I loved, meant, and means a lot to me. Whether it’s running Johnny Roberts with my friends or helping by volunteering in another part of the state or being able to create art for an event or athlete, I love to be there for our friends and community. 

Tom Hamilton

Graphic Designer


Shop Security

Hi, my name is Wrecks. Born on 11-5-2017, I worked security for another owner in his backyard for about 18 months, it was so very boring, never got to do anything. Then My Daddy Mark re-homed me and my life changed. After 18 months at the first place, with Mark,  I got my first toy and learned how to chase it. I got to learn how nice humans really are working at the shop with you guys and Dad (thank you all so very much for that ). What a blast, getting all the love from the customers, my favorite part is when Betsy, the UPS lady comes and sees me, she is my favorite !! My main job is to greet people and make sure they are happy and feel welcome, if you ever are feeling down, even if you don’t need any Discs, stop by and spend some time with Wilber and me. We are guaranteed to cheer you up.

My full name is Wilberfest T. Poindexter, you can call me Wilber. I was born on December 9, 2021. My Daddy calls me “Don’t jump on people,” and “Stop That”, haven’t figured that one out yet, but I will always come to Wilber. I work security at #9908 with Wrecks, I am the handsome one on the Security Team, that’s what the girls say at least Emoji. I started working at the shop when I was 10 weeks old, I love my job, who wouldn’t enjoy working with happy Disc Golfers and Frisbee players? The only reason I am here is to make the humans smile and make sure the energy stays positive, in turn, they do that for me. That is what I love about the shop and working here, the wonderful HUMANS. Stop by and see me you all are always welcome. 


Shop Security
I never really imagined myself adding a marketing team to my company, especially a team like BlendWorks. From the moment I started speaking to Lisa on the phone, her confidence was high, she radiated it. A half-hour into the conversation she was already laying out a marketing plan, just by looking my shop up on Facebook. I hired them instantly. Fast forward to the photo shoots for the social media content. Her team rolls into the shop (actually both shops) and BOOM, just brings it !!! A solid 2 hours of creation, inventive, original, and exciting, looking forward to this like nothing before, creation. I am seeing my shop represented how I’ve always wanted it to be but didn’t have the time to and it is amazing to watch. They are making me extremely proud of what I have already accomplished, and now they are taking that and running with it, humbled and excited for the future and to be collaborating with this team of ladies. All the best nice people.