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frequently asked questions

Birds Nest DGC and Johnny Roberts Memorial DGC have very special meanings to me, I always have fond memories when playing these courses.

Harlow Platts/South Boulder Rec Center. Great layout and variety of shots, plus I won a Championship here in ’94.

A good extendable retriever is always nice to have in the bag. It can help you if you’re stuck in a tree and also if you happen to go in the water ( but that never happens Emoji)

Playing on the course is fun and it offers a bunch of opportunities for different shots, so you can learn different stance as well as different form when put into these different situations, we grow when we are taken out of our comfort zone. Doing field work is also beneficial, just go to an open field and throw out of your shoes. Helps your form, foot work and release angle because we are doing it more repetitively in a shorter amount of time. It might take 90 minutes to play 18 holes on the course. Imagine just throwing in the field, imagine how many throws you could get in in just an hour of fieldwork. Something to think about when we want to improve different facets of our games.

  1. PLAY SMART: Never throw into a blind area or when players, spectators, pedestrians, or other facility users are within range. Use a spotter. 
  2. RESPECT THE COURSE: Observe all posted rules. No littering, graffiti, or abuse of equipment or flora. 
  3. REPRESENT THE SPORT:  Be positive and responsible. Teach others.

Most courses are free, but the pay-to-play courses on private properties are getting extremely popular. These charges are very reasonable, between 7 and maybe 20 dollars.

Grab some friends and go have some fun while you’re learning. Its a very social game and usually anyone you meet on the course will help you figure the game out. We have all done athletic sports of some sort, bring the skills you already have and you will probably do just fine.

Disc Golf is scored the same as regular ball golf, you count the strokes it takes you to get from tee to pin. Include a 1 stroke penalty for any throws that end up out of bounds and that’s your score for the hole. Usually, all holes have pars, usually Par 3,s, but there are Par 4’s and even Par 5’s.

The PDGA Website is an excellent source for the rules of Disc Golf. UDISC has a plethora of information on courses and shops all over the country, and dare I say, The World. They even have an app for Disc Golfers to use.

You go to the PDGA website and register, very simple. They will assign you a Membership number that is yours for life.

Usually, 3 discs is best …..a Putter, a Midrange Driver, and a Fairway Driver are basically all you need to learn the game (except for the course). Throw in a fun attitude and you got it made!!

On some courses, where you pay for the round, they require tee times. But usually, you just show up and throw !!

Arm Speed is a measurement of Velocity and Revolution. This is the force we have to put into a Disc Golf Disc so it will do the correct amount of the Glide, Turn and Fade as specified by the manufacturer.